This [Previously] Unknown Poet Just Raised the Bar for us all With This New Book!

3 min readJul 25, 2022

As time goes on, whatever the industry may be, oversaturation becomes an unmistakable factor in the various artistic/creative fields. Everyone wants to be the one to do something “extraordinary” or leave a legacy, so it’s understandable why, with the ease of access we have today, everyone wants to be the next big thing. While true talent will always prevail, this most recent work of Poetry from LorenzoTheGawd is truly something to behold.

BreathtakingCaptivatingUnprecedented. All three equally fitting descriptors for a literary composition one could only describe as simply: Perfect. ‘I Wouldn’t Change The Past if I Could: A Bouquet of Poetry’ is an absolute Masterpiece of deep introspection. From the innovative use of literary elements to the accompanying artwork, and all of the specially crafted nuances that fall in between.

The book itself is [as self-described by the author] a compilation of work throughout a particularly hard time in the Author’s Life. carefully arranged with matching artwork, complete with an intimate Author’s Note and a stunning foreword by Journalist and Photographer Barbara Ann Wasek.

“We feel by staying in one place we can do exactly that. But when the world is moving on with or without you, you’ll find it’s almost as effective as moving backward.”

- Jason L Garcia [LorenzoTheGawd] 7/17/22 ‘I Wouldn’t Change The Past if I Could: A Bouquet of Poetry,’ (pp 15)

The overall theme of the book is a Bad Romance, and a young man struggling with depression around being disregarded by the people he held dear in his life. We all can relate to being discarded or people leaving us behind and alone. The pure emotion and feeling can be felt through the amazing use of wordplay and rhythm.

If you are a modern poetry fan, this is the book for you! With about 60 pages, half of which are beautifully illustrated, not only is it a quick yet substantial read, but it has gorgeous works of art that deserve a second, third, or even fourth glance!

Lorenzo’s work has been featured in various high-profile venues and collaborations, and any art connoisseur would be truly wise to collect “samples” while they are in their infancy. The poetry is poignant and at its purest as only a young, hungry artist could capture. A grocery list from John Lennon could probably snatch thousands of dollars today, and this work by our talented new artist is the rawest form of how LorenzoTheGawd will display his creative expertise.

If you haven’t already, go purchase a copy today on Amazon! Finding the book is easy! You can visit the Author’s website: or you can find it by going on Amazon and searching: I Wouldn’t Change The Past If I Could OR simply search ‘ LorenzoTheGawd ’

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