No Limits For LTG

2 min readFeb 21, 2022

Born in Long Island, NY; LorenzoTheGawd has been making his mark as a musical talent since the age of 13 and has only gained traction since. At first, Lorenzo started with writing poetry, and with a varying array of musical influences growing up, it’s no wonder he possesses such sonic versatility.

Lorenzo quickly realized he could turn his poetry into music; and with no one else to rely on to help record or mix his songs, he decided he would Have to figure it out on his own. From that point in his life, he has crafted almost all of his content completely on his own without help.

LorenzoTheGawd is a singer/songwriter, HipHop artist, performer, recording artist, graphic artist, clothing designer, who mixes/masters all of his own music. an artist with such creative direction of their own brand in this way is not an easy status to maintain, but Lorenzo says it allows him to keep the essence of his work output pure.

You may know LTG’s Music from one of his most popular tracks, Bad News, or maybe even his ‘IDK’ & ‘IDK II’ EPs.

Originally a New York styled Rap artist, in recent years LorenzoTheGawd has Delved into his melodic and alternative sides and started to write and sing in a lot of his more recent songs. In turn, this new pivot of stylistic direction has truly cultivated an impressive catalogue of varying HipHop sub-genres for the New York Native

Check his projects out on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever else you bump your jams by searching: LorenzoTheGawd

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