LorenzoTheGawd breaks the silence with his lively new single, ‘Here Without You’

2 min readJul 31, 2021

As time is winding down toward his 8/28 release of ‘IDK II’, Lorenzo teases a couple of tracks to grab our attention. ‘Here Without You,’ the first single is a radio-worthy hit; complete with great vocals, production, and with no explicit lyrics, he’s aiming for the whole family.

Throughout the track, he depicts a story of one-sided love. You can see how Lorenzo’s feelings are clearly strong but he is unsure of the stability of the relationship from the lines “I tried to make you whole and I don't know how to” and “I don't need you that's your mistake now”

Along with the fact that LorenzoTheGawd has been experimenting with different sounds leading up to this new Pop-Rock-Esque single, The song is unique in a way because its happy and seemingly cheerful vibe is matched with some pretty somber and lonely lyrics.

It’s apparent the way Lorenzo is evolving as an artist and this being the first release off of the new album is clearly letting us know we should be expecting something VERY different. His intentions, sonically, were to incorporate all of the different sounds he grew up listening to as well as the new sounds emerging in HipHop into one thing. He does just that but of course, it becomes perfect when he adds his Sofrito to the mix.

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Listen to ‘Here Without You’ now:


Apple: https://music.apple.com/us/album/here-without-you/1576570868?i=1576570869

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5xO4wrMEVgxUgWT60VN7e9?si=hrcCyepVQwK7ReFHAa63xQ&dl_branch=1




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