IDK II: The Wait Is Over

6 min readAug 28, 2021

LorenzoTheGawd is back and hitting heavier than ever with the sequel we have all been waiting for, “IDK II”

This project is a true masterpiece from start to finish. The 10 song EP is a captivating story, carefully crafted to illustrate a journey of struggle, heartbreak, and pain LorenzoTheGawd endured during a recent transitional period in his life.

In a typical fashion, each song carries a completely different sound and set of emotions with it. From new age drip-hop, slow and sad, to rage and even back to boom-bap; this album has it all and is a full spectrum of the emotions that come with heartbreak.

‘IDK II’ is a continuation of his first major EP release, ‘IDK (Drowning)’ which has a similar theme and mood.

“I never really planned on making this a part two, but life just worked out in a particular way to inspire me to do so. Both albums were an outlet for me to express my deep sadness in a constructive way and came about on their own, but this new release is powerful in a different way. This time it’s perfected, crafted, and just overall more sonically elaborate.” Says Lorenzo.

The key differentiator of this album from its predecessor has to be the positive outlook and motivated tone, which contrasts the depressed hopeless feeling of part one. True signs of growth for the artist are easily recognizable from a mental, spiritual, and of course musical standpoint. While the underlying theme of the album lies in heartbreak, LTG conveys this while still making radio-quality hits with absolutely prolific lyrics.

As the album starts up with a lively banger (I Don’t Need Love ft. Pe$o The Guru) the listeners are automatically captivated by the catchy vibe and relatable lyrics. Both artists do a great job of sliding on the beat like a stick of butter and leaving the grease hot for the second track to smoothly simmer on your eardrums.

As track two ( IJWK Ft. Reed Up) starts to play you can feel the deep-rooted emotion that went into the entire project as LorenzoTheGawd starts the chorus and hands it off to Reed Up to take it away with an absolutely breathtaking verse…




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