A Day In The Life Of: Yung French

2 min readApr 20, 2021

Today, we visit a day in the life of another truly unique artist. StreetHeat’s very own, Yung French joins us for another amazing episode of: ‘A Day in the Life.’

Locked and loaded with dope original sounds like “How I Feel” and “Bag” she continues to grow support within the NYC and Long Island area.

A lot of our featured artists are from Long Island, and it's no coincidence. Yung French is another top-tier Singer and Rapper making Long Island truly shine brightly once again.

You may know Yung French’s work from her high-quality visuals like ‘Final Boss’ and ‘Take Me As I Am,’ or her affiliation with the StreetHeat NY team; either way, French is showing everyone where the heat on the street is coming from.

In the interview, we touch on her origins, inspirations, and the people around her who push her toward success. French and the StreetHeat team have a great mindset and have their targets set on greatness.

Full Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1hAzAKGWt6IkFGJizUlq4u?si=0rcj3FUhStuvWgG-JmC2mA

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