A Day In The Life Of: Show Luciano (Lit Papi) [Episode 1]

2 min readMar 23, 2021

Today we sit down on the very first episode of: ‘A Day In The Life’ The Podcast and talk with $how Luciano, a rapper, entrepreneur, & independent label owner from Crenshaw, Los Angeles. https://open.spotify.com/episode/46GjbWJUznAa8EFEO7eQXI

Well known for his hit song, ‘Lit Papi’, Show Luciano has seen over 2 Million Streams, prestigious interviews, and blog placements, as well as massive venues such as the Legendary Greek Theater. Coming from a musical family and background, Lit Papi grew up listening to and focused on lyrical music, and that foundation has proven to be a staple in his sound regardless of the style he is working with.

Show Luciano isn’t only an artist, but an entrepreneur. The Crenshaw Rapper is the owner of BLOCXNation Records LLC, BIC Clothing (Business Instead of Crime), and formerly worked as a ghostwriter prior to releasing his own material. As he continues to create waves throughout the Los Angeles Hip-Hop Scene, Show Luciano has proven he can tear up the charts, and the progress shows.

If the line “Lit Like a Bic” sounds familiar, then chances are you might know exactly who Lit Papi is. From his breakout single “Lit Papi” featured on No Jumper, Drama Alert, FouseyTube, WorldStar, UGHH Blog, Daily Chiefers, MarsFiles & more; to the 60+ fake accounts Impersonating him since His account was hacked, the buzz around Lit Papi is not going anywhere. for all his fans, his REAL page is @LitPapi2Official

His latest 10 Song Project “Reasonable Clout” has done well and Brings some fresh new heat to the table such as “GOAT Simulator” and other heavy hitters. The fire keeps rolling out for Show Luciano, and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping, working with producers like BattleCat, FBeats, 1500 or Nothing, and many more. Lit Papi prides himself on his ability to make songs off the dome. “I freestyle all of my music, no writers.”

what will be next for Show Luciano (AKA Lit Papi)? just know he’s working, and it’s better and better every time. give him a follow or look him up online if you wanna know more. follow our official page @BlvckSheepForever for any updates.

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