A Day In The Life Of: Justb

2 min readApr 27, 2021

Today we Sit down with singer/songwriter Justb, from Long Island, New York. The 19-Year-old prospect started making music only 6 months before the recording of this podcast and is already showing he has what it takes to make hits.

Right out of the gate B gives us an amazingly catchy single called “Hi-Lows” that will make anyone tap their toes. The meaningful lyrics and Melodic Rap/Pop fusion he brings is truly incredible when paired and crafted as such.

In recent years, Long Island has become a hub for upcoming musical talent and Justb is no exception. His ability to capture a mood with a melody is something you are simply born with or without.

Of course; a team is always important in any artist’s career, especially when it comes to production. Justb emphasizes how critical his artist-to-engineer relationship is in his process. The energy between engineers and artists can always make or break a team effort, which is what makes it such a crucial ingredient to the process.

If “off to a good start” was a person, this is him. With less than a year of experience in the game, Justb has immediately proven just how serious he is with his first 2 drops; “Hi-Lows’ and “Not Ready.”

If new talent is what you sell, keep your eye on Long Island, and more specifically, keep your eye on Justb

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